2003 Great Dane Chariot 61"

by Lynne
(Lake County, FL)

I've had this mower about 9-10 years now. Biggest complaint is rough ride due to no suspension. It also eats up blades quickly but I am often mowing rough pasture and anthills so that's partially my fault. When blades are sharp it does a nice cut without missing blades of grass, although it can and does bog down some in thick pasture grass when it's got a lot of moisture in it. Then again, I am pushing this mower to its outer limits.

The Kawasaki 25HP motor was still running well until last week when, I think, the starter failed. That or the wiring is toast. I've wanted to upgrade to a stronger mower with smoother ride for a while so I'll be doing that now, and may keep this unit for backup after it's been repaired. It also needs a new wiring harness and that will be the second time replacing it; after the last failure we did a home rewiring job that has lasted a while, but only made the basic items work and no safety features or battery charging since rewire, which sucks.

Hydro has never given me problems and considering the way I use this mower as a glorified bush-hog, it has served me well. It's a far better cut than a bush-hog and does a faster job than using a tractor, plus the Cool-Tops fan is a lovely thing.

The frame is very sturdy and deck is original with no holes. It's a pain to grease the spindle bearings from below and also a pain to change the oil due to poor access design (or lack thereof). The oil filter is up against the hydro tank and it takes some work to remove and replace it, although I've got the technique down pat now.

I use the mower to mow my 20 acre horse farm and my yard.

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