2007 Dixie Chopper XXWD 3500 Review

by John

I have owned three Dixie Choppers since 2001. I am no longer going to purchase any more and I am in the process of selling the 07 Diesel model.

Here are some of the problems I am seen with this company:

1. Mowers are poorly designed:

- Hard to service. Odd placement of filters. When I service my Diesel model the oil drain plug is right above the frame. So every time I service the mower, I get oil all over the frame.

- These mowers cannot handle hills at all. They slide a lot. The mower has a very high center of gravity which causes them to handle very poorly.

- Since the mower has no deck cover, belt and spindles get covered with debris and mower is hard to clean since debris get caught in every inch between belt, spindles and deck lip.

- Hard to clean since the mowers have no covers over engine. The mower engine compartment is all exposed and makes them look cheap. Even a partial cover would help.

- They need to learn that stickers will not stick on stainless steel near a fuel tank. After a season the stickers look horrible. This drives me nuts. No one wants stickers all over thier mower. They need to clean up the sticker clutter.

- Horrible ride. The frame needs to be stretched a few more inches. They need to study a SCAG Turf Tiger and find out why it rides nice and can handle extremely steep hills.

- Parking brake does not last past a season. You will have to repair it once a year.

2. Hard to get service after the sale:

- Parts take way too long.

- Took two weeks to get two new front tires and front rims. Dealer told me I had to buy both since tire centers could not install their low profile (Chopper Style) tires. Change the damn tire design people. A tire repair that should cost under $30 ended up costing over $100 since they said I had to purchase the tire all ready mounted to the rim. WHO THINKS THIS IS NORMAL?

- The dealers are few and far between.

Final Thoughts:

- After seeing their latest design (The DOMINATOR model), I am now very positive that I will be purchasing from another brand. Those engineers should be fired for coming out with something so stupid and cheap looking. If they would just change the frame design and create a lower center of gravity, this would fix most of their problems reguarding poor handling on hills.

The "Dominator" looks like something two guys designed out in a garage. If this company does not shape up, it will close its doors very soon. I don't care how fast a mower can mow, or how much horsepower they have, if the mowers is cheaply built, horribly designed, and not dependable then you must be doing something wrong.

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May 24, 2015
dixie chopper diesel problems NEW
by: David Blackburn

Just a update from 2014 problems. Deck drive failed again. 3rd.$400 parts. Now it won't start. Diesels have fuel shut off in the back of the pump. It probably has failed. I average working on it every 3 times I cut 6 acres. I am going to get it running and sell this thing. I maintain a 600 acre farm and work on this mower more than all my equipment combined. I could engineer a better mower myself. I can't think of anything worse to say about this $15000 piece of junk with under 300 hrs. on it. Live and learn.

May 22, 2014
diesel dixie choppers are junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought the turbo with the mulching kit. As a homeowner I few 80 hr a year on it. The starter went out in 300 hr. The dealer I got it from was out of business. They wanted to charge me to come pick it up a $1600,00 mower. They finally got it and put a ragged rebuilt starter that had 4 different color paints. I call to tell them I bought a NEW mower, not some rebuilt rag they had a bad attitude. Then the real trouble started, The upper deck drive assembly went out and destroyed everything. just out of warranty. I bought all the parts and found the shaft was a common American bolt in metric bearing. Hey DC that won't work. Not a keyway or ANYWAY to hold the drive together. I cut less than 2 inches of bermuda at a time in the roughs of my 3 hole private golf course. I have toro reel mowers for everything else. Getting back to the junk deck drive. It ate itself again and when I called DC they questioned my skills. I build chromemoly race chassis. Bought it all again. It all failed again. 3 in 200 hours. Checked run out and found the crank in the yanmar was bad. This was factory defect but of course they would do nothing. I redesigned the drive completely and cured the problem. I call DC and told them about it and offed to allow the area rep. to take pics to help other people. The rep. lives close and they said they would send him by. I kiddingly said [a t shirt might be in order here if he had one]. You guessed it, he never showed up or called. My design was far better and cheaper to build. It will not start as I write this with under300 hrs. always garaged. I could go into other ares but I won't. They have good components and terrible engineers. I they don't wake up soon, all the good units out there now with put the advertising king on the auction block. Dave 901 4137682. I'll share my updates with anybody having trouble.

Sep 10, 2012
WEARING GRASS instead of cutting it! NEW
by: gpbarnesracing

I bought my first Chopper in 2001......60 inch deck with a Yanmar diesel.....I am a homeowner with 20acres to cut....been satisfied with the overall performance>>>>In 2009.I bought a second Chopper (XXWD3500) with just 20 hours on it. Im a auto mechanic by profession...servicing is my business.Only problem I have experienced with this one is that I am wearing lots of grass "from head to toe' when I'm done..What the deal with that? Thought is was originally caused by the spindle"fan blades" used to keep the top of the deck clear....but it appears to be coming from the underside of the front of the deck....Any one else having these issues???? Be interested in a reply. Thanks, Gary Barnes/Maryland

Dec 27, 2011
Agree NEW
by: Anonymous

Apparently the person who last commented on this post cannot do math. I agree with the author that these machines need refined.

Sep 18, 2011
DC xxwd 3500
by: Anonymous

Well sounds like you just ride a mower
You have no brains from what you posted
Who in right mind will put a 3500 on a slope anyway
Slopes should be mowed with 60'' gas
You probly running factory tires if so they are not made for slopes
Let some air out tires might make ride better
I have 8 DC 5 60'' and 3 72''
72'' are for 45* to flat ground
60'' are for 45* to 28* slopes HD Field trac tires
You only been riding Dc for 6 yrs
I been riding them since 1985
only mower to have
You talk about stickers well if dont spell fuel every where you shouldnt have a problem
Why do you need a motor cover that adds weight to the mower with out cover it helps kool the motor
Grass builds up on your deck you must have no fan blades on your spindles I have no problem with grass build up on deck mine get service everyday that might be reason I dont have problem Maybe you need clean it more often

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