2007 Hustler Super Z 27HP Kawasaki w/ Water-cooled engine-60 in.

by J. Gibson
(Columbia, MO)

We got this mower to groom about eight acres that we had previously been mowing with a combination of a lawn tractor and a finish mower (behind our tractor.)

This mower is wonderful! It mows well and fast. We can mow all our acreage (our front pasture/lawn) in about half the time. Have now been using it a full two+ seasons and cannot imagine using anything else.

The flex forks allow fast mowing without the discomfort.

Have used my son's John Deere ZTR and the difference is enormous. The Super Z is HEAVY and ABLE.

There is little sliding on our Missouri hills. There is little loss of control on the steepest terrain and only when it is wet and the speed is higher than common sense would dictate.

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