2008 Dixie Chopper X Caliber 3366 Mower Review

by Ellie

Blown motor

Blown motor

Blown motor

Don't waste your 14k. I bought one 4 years ago (started out with belt issues the 1st week which was fixed over a 2 year period)

Fast forward to 4th year with 300 hrs on mower. Was mowing my lawn when suddenly I heard what sounded like a belt breaking. Turned mower off at that point and when I looked over my shoulder, oil had blown everywhere! A mechanic looked at it and said something had blown a hole through block. He felt that something had to have been loose in the block to blow a hole like this.

As per Dixie Chopper, took it to the dealer-they needed to take pics for Dixie Chopper to decide whether to help with replacement or not. My Generac engine had a 3 year warranty which has now changed to 2 (hmmm....don't companies usually lengthen warranties on a product that they believe in?) I have always been extremely OCD about maintaining my mower i.e. fluid levels, filters, grease, adjustments, etc.

Today the dealer calls and tells me tough luck. Dixie Chopper looked at pictures and decided that I had run it with low oil and they will not cover the motor. (Funny thing, the dipstick was full the day before mower blew!) He said that the pictures showed aluminum shavings which comes from running without oil. Of course, all the oil blew out when the engine blew and we have had to move it 2x!

My problem is that Generac, nor D.C. wants to own this one and I don't feel that I should have to spend $2800 for a new engine (not including labor) on a barely used mower.

After some research I have found that my mower is not the first to blow the motor at so few hours.

Now 3 weeks into this mess, DC calls me and decides that after my social media noise, to replace the engine at no charge. Told them it was too late since I have already purchased a new Kohler engine as a replacement, but I would be satisfied if they reimbursed cost of engine. No Deal!

After hearing this, would you purchase A DC?

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Jul 10, 2013
turf boss tires on a Lt2200 silver eagle NEW
by: jacob stewart

could i get turf tire s for my LT2200

Sep 16, 2012
Motor Issues NEW
by: Anonymous

Dixie Chopper will never claim any damage and they will try to push you on the engine manufacturer. They lack understanding in what the correct procedure is when dealing with motor issues. If you buy a brand new ford f-250 and the motors goes out under warranty, you take it back to the dealer. If your Dixie Chopper breaks down, they want you to call the engine manuf. Not Them. This company is ran by morons. On to the next brand.

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