2008 Hustler Fastrak 54" 20 HP Honda

We've used this mower for 1 year- 110 hours- mowing 6.5 acres of grass, along a gravel lane, and 650 feet of riverfront.

Often we are able to mow in 3 1/2 hours. A bit more time early in the spring when the grass is heavy.

The Hustler has been doing well. My only reservation is that I wish I had gone up a notch (with the amount of grass we are mowing) to the 60" machine with 18" rear wheels and a 26 HP engine.

Ours has 13" rear tires. It is pretty sensitive to rough terrain; woudl do better with larger tires. A word of caution: DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO STEER THIS THING GOING DOWNHILL IN DAMP GRASS. (this is the case for most zero turns.)
I've heard all kinds of stories about people running their zero turns into ponds, rivers, etc and it is an easy thing to do.

The only other zero turn that comes close for the money is the Gravely.

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