2008 Hustler Fastrak 54 Honda 20 hp Mower Review

by Bebo
(Grottoes, VA USA)

Homeowner with 6 acre property in farm country. Minimal trees/beds to mow around. Property has more bumps and uneven ground than a typical residential lot.

My thoughts on the downside of the 2008 Fastrak 54 with the Honda 20 hp:

Wheels are too small and mower is very underpowered. (both of these were changed on later models)

20 hp Honda is VERY picky about gas. Don't even try to run gas with ethanol in it.

Deck is strong but clogs easily in wet grass. Overall quality of cut is average.

At 500 hrs my left hydro began to leak. (Never jumped curbs or scraped it on rocks)

I would not recommend ANY 54" mower with less than 23-24 hp.

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