2010 Hustler Sport w/ 42" Deck 17.5 HP Briggs Engine Mower Review

by BC
(Greenville, SC)

I am the second owner to this zero turn machine. The engine is bullet proof. The frame and deck are excellent. The Sport leaves a good cut and mild stripe to the lawn.

Overall, I have been very happy with this mower to maintain 1.5 acre semi-sloped lot, plus .3 acre cul-de-sac and the occasional lawn job.

Again, I use it semi-commercially maintaining several lawns averaging .5 acres. It has done well with grass below 5 inches.

One bad thing is that when mowing slopes, it does not have good traction since the tires are narrow and the machine is light weight. However if you get stuck, it is light enough to lift and reposition.

To balance traction, it should have gas tanks on both sides since the tires are so narrow.

Engine should be larger, like 20 HP in my opinion, rather than 17.5. Yet it will throw grass clippings at least 2-3 feet when chute is removed.

Draining oil can be a pain in the ass, if you do not have a long clear plastic hose to redirect oil. However, changing the oil filter is a piece of cake.

Not many options available with this model other than deck size and a non-blower assisted bagger which does well from what I have read.

Again, I love this mower! Its a great improvement over what I did have. Low maintenance, heavy duty frame, great engine.

If you need this just to cut YOUR grass, having less than 2.0 acres, I highly recommend this mower!

If you want to mow an occasional yard to make some cash on the side, than go with the SD Fast Track. It's essentially the same mower frame, but with more power options, better transmission, hydros, and has bagger with blower available.

Any questions email me at South Carolina Lawn Care! My email is educatedman76@gmail.com


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Jan 07, 2016
battery NEW
by: Anonymous

Where is the battery located on this mower,under the seat I guess!!How do you get to the battery compartment???Thanks Tom

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