2010 Silver Eagle 27 hp gen

by Richard

I had the dixie chopper mower for 5 months now with 52 hours. Had it in the shop for a fuse holder that had rust build up because would not start.

4 weeks later had the mower in the shop again. Would not run right. They said I had water in the gas and they can charge me $86 dollars to get the water out. The mower always stayed in the garage, which is heated. They say that it was not covered. Hope for some reason I don't keep getting water in the tank. The crazy thing is, I have 2 other mowers that are not Dixie Choppers that are 3 years old that never have water in the tank.

Don't buy the mower because it looks good. Buy a mower because you want it to work. When I cut grass I always worry about something going wrong $7000 Dixie chopper.

I wish I can do this over again. Hard lesson learned.

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