2011 Fast Track Superduty Hustler Mower Review

by Joe Goad
(Mt Airy, NC)

I've mowed with the commercial Super Z at the company I've worked at for four years. Awesome mower--cannot be beat.

So in 2011, I purchased a Fast Track Super Duty mower for my half acre yard. Mower was awesome til we had a wet summer. The mower will not discharge wet or damp grass. It just sucks it up under the deck like a vacuum cleaner. The only way to get it out is to stop and shut it off. And then, sometimes, there is so much grass underneath built up that it kills the engine.

The deck is a major fault. The discharge opening is not big enough to throw all the cuttings out and the rpm range is so high that it creates a vacuum resulting in a mess. If you live in a drier climate the mower is fine.

Hustler needs to redesign the deck on these mowers. They are marketed as light duty commercial mowers, but they truly aren't.

The only fix is a bigger deck opening like the xr7 or x4. I will be trading mine for a one after this season.

Joe Goad

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