2012 Bobcat Predator Pro 61" Mower Review

by D. Blakey
(Sthrn. IL.)

I am having the same problems Mr. Chapman of AL. had. I have the same 2012 Bobcat mower and it starts spitting and sputtering and just quits, also smokes when started up. The mower only has 259 hrs. on it.

Took to dealer in June 2014 and Kawasaki replaced some coils (at no charge) claiming that was the problem. I used it for 12 hrs and it started again.

Took it back to dealer and Kawasaki has the dealer putting all kinds of crap on the engine to remedy the problem (new wiring harness, new sensors, etc.) and now it won't run at all. Dealer told me he would get the engine replaced because Kawasaki has had many problems w/the DFI engine. Dealer said he had replaced several engines due to this problem.

Now Kawasaki won't honor the warranty because I bought the mower from my Nephew (initial owner) who was killed in an accident. I bought it to help w/funeral expenses. Its funny, after I bought it, they honored the warranty in June 2014 for the coils. Now that it won't run at all they want to wash their hands of it because they are the people who told the dealer what to put on the engine. Now they want to sell me a new engine.

I haven't used the mower since July 2014. It is still w/ the dealer. I won't own another Kawasaki engine after getting thru this.

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Jun 16, 2016
A simple clogged fuel filter NEW
by: Scott

Hello, it sounds like the repairman didn't look at the simplest of causes for that problem, I had the exact same problem with my 52" 2014 Fastcat pro approximately the same time frame of hours, while cutting it would start to sputter and then die, at first I could flash the choke and let it idle for a few minutes and then continue to cut, sometimes it would happen a lot and other times I could cut for a few hours, at first I cleaned out the carb and it still occurred, so I thought just for the heck of it id take the fuel filter off and blow thru it and check it, well I almost couldn't blow thru it, it was clogged, it was the original kawa fuel filter, I replaced it with a universal one from the Advance Auto and never had the problem again. So your mechanics replaced all that stuff for nothing it was a simple clogged filter.

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