2013 Hustler Fastrack Superduty Mower Review

by Allen
(Shermans Dale PA)

First year, it cut fine. This is the second year and the first time I raised the mower up to change the blades it spit fuel out of the carb. Now it does not stay running for more than 15 min at a time.

Took it to the dealer they said I needed a fuel system flush to the tune of $180. I said no.

I brought the mower home and tried a can of dry gas in the fuel. When the mower is sitting still, it runs all day long. As soon as you go over a bump in the yard, it shuts off again. So I found that the fuel shut off switch on the carb is bad.

The mower is under warranty so I have to find another dealer that wants to fix the mower. Best Line equipment does not want to repair it.

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