2015 Dixie Classic , 60" x deck an 31 hp Kawasaki Mower Review

by JoePat Young
(Monkey's Eyebrow, KY)

I bought this brand new from Hill's Hardware-- left over from last year. This is an absolute beast!!! Springs on the front, awesome seat and really does cut very well.

I demoed almost every model and picked which one that I thought would last the longest with trouble free maintenance, strongest deck, and easiest to work on. There were a lot of great mowers, but I picked the Dixie Chopper classic because it was built like a tank, smooth ride, cuts great, handles amazingly well. Has extra coolers to keep the hydro cool.

I red all the reviews and talked to a lot of people who actually owned them. My advice is try one instead of reading and talk to the people who own them.

I could not be happier with mine. Awesome product , thank you Dixie Chopper !!!!

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