2018 Raptor Flip-up Hustler Mower Review

by Pat
(Harrodsburg, Ky.)

We have owned a Hustler Mini Z for over 15 years. Good mower except for the way it discharges grass. Plugs up a lot. We cut the discharge shoot bigger, helped some. My husband had a stroke several years ago and it was difficult for him to clean out the deck and change blades when needed. So we bought a Raptor flip-up feeling it was the answer to our issues. After using it one time it had to go back to the dealer. It had recalls that were never done. The deck would come up and not engage again so it wouldn't start. One week later it was back and was ok. It has such a poor ride and quit the gas hog. It also has very poor traction on slops. We kept the old mini z, thank goodness. We use it to cut the tall grass and use it on the ruff ground. I guess we expect too much for $5,000. Very disappointed with this mower. We know it will never hold up like the mini z has. Wish we had it to do over....would never buy a Raptor. We thought we would stick with Hustler because of the Mini Z being so reliable. Didn't need this, very, very disappointed.

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