Billy Goat Blower Review

The Billy Goat blower was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Blowing Durability Handling Maintenance
  Power   & Balance & Ingenuity
Billy Goat A- B+ B+ B+
Fradan B+ A- A- A-
Little Wonder A- B+ B+ B+

Blowing Power: A-

A huge fan generates a ton of wind. It is laid out different than Little Wonder in that it has a circular discharge and no split stream of air. It’s really a personal preference.

The Little Wonder is more effective at lifting matted leaves while the Billy Goat moves dry leaves better over open areas.

Durability: B+

I was a skeptic at first when I saw the plastic housing. However, it has held up very well.

For the smaller units, the Subaru is a great option.

For the larger units, the 13hp Honda is ok. Billy Goat should really consider offering a 14hp Vanguard or Subaru option.

Handling & Balance: B+

For its size, the Billy Goat is a pretty lightweight unit. It is physically very big and a bit bulky. However, it pushes well with its large tires.

Maintenance & Ingenuity: B+

Billy Goat is attempting to improve the old “push blower” design. The plastic housing aim and shoot discharge option are both very innovative. Their 5-year housing warrantee is very comforting.

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