Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers: Review of Lesco Hydro-Drive Walk Behind

The Lesco Hydro-Drive walk-behinds are Cub Cadet lawn mowers underneath the green paint. (Lesco’s main business is fertilizer, so it resells this Cub Cadet mower under the Lesco brand name.)

This particular machine was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Walk Behind Mower Cut Durability Handling Maintenance
  Quality   & Balance & Ingenuity
Bobcat Hydro B+ B+ B+ B+
Exmark Turf Tracer A B+ A A
Hustler Super WalkBehind B B+ B+ B+
John Deere Hydro-Drive A B+ B B+
Lesco/Cub Cadet B A B B+
Scag Hydro Walkbehind B+ A B B+

Cut: Rating B

An acceptable cut, but not great. Discharge could be stronger. In 2005, Lesco came out with a floating-deck version, which is a nice addition to the line up.

Durability: Rating A

A tough machine. It is your basic fixed-deck hydo mower. They are a great value for the money.

Handling and Balance: Rating B

Heavy and solid. However, it does give you a workout. Its floating-deck has a new steering system. This is a great start, but still needs fine-tuning.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating B+

Very tough. Easy to maintain. Lots of grease fittings. Its new floating-deck and control system shows they are committed to improving this product.

*Note: The Lesco Hydro-Drive is often substantially less money then competitors. If you do buy it, make sure that you have dealer support. Remember that Lesco’s primary business is fertilizer. So, if they have no mechanic, a warrantee is worthless.

Cub Cadet & Lesco Walk-Behinds on Ebay

Here are the Cub Cadet and Lesco walk behinds that are currently listed for sale on Ebay. I’ve found some great deals there. And I've sold a ton of old equipment through it.

If you aren't already a member of eBay, you need to go to the registration page before you can bid, buy, or sell anything.

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