Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mowers: Review of Lesco Z-Two

The Cub Cadet zero turn mowers are the same as the Lesco Z-Two. Don't get confused by the Z-Two's green color. While Lesco’s main business is fertilizer, it resells the Cub Cadet mower under the Lesco brand name and a green coat of paint.

If you plan on buying a Lesco Z-Two mower, Lesco has been bought out by John Deere Landscapes. Many stores no longer sell mowers or do repairs. They are focusing on just selling chemicals and landscape materials. Parts availability and service could be an issue.

This zero turn rider was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Rider Mower Cut Durability Handling Available Maintenance
      & Balance Accessories & Ingenuity
Bad Boy Outlaw B+ A- B+ A B+
Bobcat Predator Pro B+ B+ B+ B A
Dixie Chopper A- B+ B A B
Exmark Lazer Z B+ B+ A- A B+
Exmark Next Lazer Z A B+ A A A-
Ferris ZTR A- B+ A B+ A
Gravely Pro-Ride B+ B+ B+ B B
Gravely Pro-Turn A- A- B+ B+ B+
Hustler SuperZ A- A- A- B+ A
John Deere ZTR A B+ B+ B B+
Lesco/Cub Cadet B B+ B B- B
Scag Cheetah A A- A- A A-
Scag Turf Tiger A A B A B+
Scag Wildcat A A B A B+
Walker ZTR A B B+ A B

Cut: Rating B

The Cub Cadet zero turn mowers have a solid cutting and striping deck. It has a striper flap built in.

Durability: Rating B+

A solid basic machine. Very heavy duty. Hydraulic pumps have fans to keep the hydro fluid cool.

Handling and Balance: Rating B-

Needs to be worked on. It tears turf when turning until you are very practiced with the unit. I’ve seen guys choose walk-behinds over this machine because the ZTR is too awkward.

Available Accessories: Rating B-

Cub Cadet makes a mulch kit. It works ok, but not too much thought went into the design. Only after market vacuums are available.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating B

The Cub Cadet zero turn mower is a solid basic ZTR. It has many grease points. Regarding ingenuity, the unit has only been improved upon once every few years. It also lacks engine options.

*Note: This is a great machine for the money. The Lesco Z-Two can often be purchased for $2000 less than competitors models. If you do buy it, make sure that you have Dealer support. Remember that Lesco's (now John Deere Landscape's) primary business is fertilizer. So, if they have no mechanic, a warrantee is worthless.

Cub Cadet & Lesco ZTR Mowers on Ebay

Here are the Cub Cadet and Lesco zero turn mowers that are currently listed for sale on Ebay. I’ve found some great deals there. And I've sold a ton of old equipment through it.

If you aren't already a member of eBay, you need to go to the registration page before you can bid, buy, or sell anything.

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