Echo Line Trimmer Review

The Echo line trimmer was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
  Power Ratio     Start Money
Echo 230 & 260 B B+ B B- B
Kawasaki KGT27A A+ A B- B- A
Maruyama 22-26cc A B+ B B+ A
Redmax 22-26cc A A B+ A B+
Shindaiwa T231&261 B+ B+ B+ A B
Shindaiwa T242 B B+ A- B+ B+
Stihl FS80 B+ B B B+ B
Stihl FS100RX A B+ B B+ B
Stihl FS90R B+ B+ B+ B+ A

The Echo trimmer models 230 & 260 are so similar that they are being rated together.

Weight to Power: B

While both are good trimmers, the lack of power is my biggest complaint. So if power is important to you too, go with the 260 over the 230.

Comfort: B+

A nice smooth trimmer. Very low vibration.

Durability: B

When running properly, they are great. However, carburetors have been an issue for several years.

Ease of Start: B-

While some users report no issues, others report starting problems due to the carburetor, air leaks, etc. These carb issues have been Echo's biggest setback. I heard that the carb issue has been resolved as of 2007, but will keep you posted.

Value for Money: B

While not my favorite trimmer, they are usually reasonably priced.

Echo Trimmers on Ebay

Here are the Echo trimmers that are currently listed for sale on Ebay. I’ve found some great deals there. And I've sold a ton of old equipment through it.

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