How to Kill Weeds in Plant Beds

The best way to kill weeds in plant beds is to spot spray with a nonselective herbicide. It will take about a week to shrivel up and die. Then, either weed wack the dead weed to the ground or pull out with your two hands. This is what Landscapers do.

Word of Caution

The term nonselective herbicide means it kills any plant it touches. In addition to weeds, it also kills any grass or unwanted garden plants. So be very careful spraying close to the bordering lawn or desired garden plants.

If you don't have much practice with spraying in small tight areas, be sure to shield what you want to protect. Draping a newspaper over adjacent plants and lawn is a good idea.

Do NOT spray on a windy day.

These chemicals are most effective when the temperature is over 70 degrees Farenheit.

Main Ingredient: Glyphosphate

Garden centers sell nonselective herbicides under many brand names. The most common brand name is Roundup, whose main ingredient is glyphosphate. This chemical causes weeds to stop producing proteins and they starve to death in 7 to 10 days.

Two Hands

Normally, I do not recommend using your two hands to pull out weeds. However, it does make sense when the weeds are intertwined with your garden plants. You can use your hands to pull out the dead sprayed weeds if you don't have a weed wacker or are uncomfortable using it in tight areas.

Want Better Results? Add Spreader Sticker

A spreader sticker is sold separately and has to be added to the nonselective herbicide. As the name implies, spreader sticker improves the ability to stick to the weeds it was sprayed on. Ever since I started adding it to my sprayer, I have had very effective results.

Weeds are a Never Ending Battle.

Expect the need to kill weeds in plant beds several times a year. There will always be new ones popping up. Landscapers spray Roundup several times a year in plant beds, patios, walkways, sidewalks, and gravel driveways. Nature is persistent. It will overtake your house if you neglect maintenance.

Pay a Lawn Maintenance Company.

You may find it worth the money to have someone else handle it. You can sign up online for a free estimate.

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