How to Control Lawn Grubs


Lawn grubs are the larvae of various beetles. They feed on the roots of the grass, causing entire sections of the turf to die.


Check for patches of dead looking grass.

Animals such as skunks, raccoons, birds, and moles dig up the turf to feed on these insects.


  • Roll back a bit of grass. It will peel away like a carpet being rolled up.
  • Sample for these insects in the late summer.
  • Healthy turf in bright sun is more susceptible than sparse grass in shade.
  • If you’re still not sure if you have grubs, ask a local lawn treatment company. I like how you can sign up online for a free estimate. Even if you don’t decide to use them, it won’t hurt to get expert advice.


  • Use an insecticide if you count more than 5 per square feet.
  • They can be treated in two ways:
    1. Preventative – July/August – more effective (Merit)
    2. Existing – Late summer/early fall (Dilox)
  • Don’t bother treating in the spring because you are looking at last fall’s damage.
  • Mark your calendar for a preventive application next year because these pests tend to come back.

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