Lawn Mower Belts: Troubleshooting Problems

The biggest reason why lawn mower belts fail is improper installation. Check pulley shafts and bearing wear before installing a new belt. Check the pulley for cleanliness and that it spins freely and doesn’t wobble.

Belt Slippage

  1. Mower overloading, grass too tall or heavy.
  2. Oil on belt from over lubricating.
  3. Belt hung up or rubbing.

Belt Breaks

  1. Avoid rough mowing. This isn’t demolition derby. Avoid roots, rocks, holes, or slamming the mower on the ground.
  2. Belt came off drive. Check tension. Look for foreign material in grooves.

Belt has Frayed Edges on Cover

  1. Belt misaligned.
  2. Pulley misaligned.

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