Lawn Mower Problems: Top 10

Lawn mower problems come with the territory of maintaining your own property or having a lawn service business. According to mechanics, the most common problems they see are…

  1. Dirty air filters.
  2. Fouled spark plugs.
  3. Gas gone bad.
  4. Belts not adjusted properly. Too loose or too tight.
  5. Bad spindles.
  6. Hydro drive system out of adjustment.
  7. Bad hydraulic pumps or motors.
  8. Bent or dull blades.
  9. Saftey switch not functioning.
  10. Uneven air pressure in tires. Messes up the lawn cut.

Proper maintenance on your mower does help minimize the number of trips to the repair shop.

In the beginning of the lawn mowing season:

  • Add fresh gas.
  • Replace the spark plug.
  • Sharpen blades.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Check oil level.
  • Inflate tires.

Before each use:

  • Check oil and fuel levels.
  • Check tire inflation.
  • Check for loose or worn parts.

After each use:

  • Clean clippings from underside of mower and from top of deck.

Throughout the season:

  • Check blade sharpness and condition.
  • Balance blade after sharpening.
  • Use correct fuel and oil.

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