Guide to Hiring a Lawn Service: 7 Things to Look For

There are so many lawn service companies to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices, here are 7 things to look for…

  1. A license, if required by your state. If he does have a license, take down the numbers and call your local state or local licensing board to verify it.
  2. Liability Insurance. This protects your home and property in case the contractor or his employees cause damage. (There was an incident where a commercial mower went right through a customer’s French doors into their Living Room. How did this happen? The worker thought he left his mower in neutral when he walked a few feet away to move a garden hose.)
  3. Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Without it, you can be held responsible if someone is injured while doing work on your property. (There was a landscaper, whose worker had a heart condition and died on someone’s property. The worker’s family sued the landscaper and the customer because there was not a Workman’s Compensation Policy. The court case is still going on 5 years later.)
  4. Check the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection for complaints. A red flag would be a large volume of complaints. Note whether there is pattern to the complaints. If there is one or two, keep an open mind because the customer is not always right.
  5. Pesticide License, if you expect a weed free lawn. Almost every state requires a pesticide license to spray for weeds, insects or fungus. The Department of Environmental Protection regulates licensing.
  6. References from neighbors and local friends. Asking a company for its own references is useless. He would never give you an unbiased reference.
  7. An estimate in writing. Discrepancies do happen. If it ends up in small claims court, your claim is backed up by what was given in writing.
  8. Get several quotes. Get estimates from local landscapers by filling out an online form.

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