Why the Lawn and Garden Business Outlook is bright.

The following trends show that the lawn and garden business outlook is very good.

  • Obesity is a growing epidemic. Obesity and cutting your own lawn do NOT go together.

  • When was the last time you saw any kids playing outside? Kids are growing up INSIDE playing Xbox and surfing the Internet. If they are not even PLAYING outside, I do not expect they will be WORKING outside in the future. They will be paying someone else to maintain their property.

  • Aging baby boomers. They are getting too old to cut their own lawn. They have the money, are buying second homes, and wish to conserve leisure time.

  • Low interest rates.
    • New homeowners are buying bigger homes with larger yards. Larger yards mean more grass to mow, more fertilizer to buy, more beds to maintain, and more landscaping projects.
    • Current homeowners refinance and reinvest in their homes—landscaping projects and extensions. Home extensions always leave the outside in shambles. Pushing out exterior walls require the bordering landscaping to be ripped out. Construction trucks drive over the grass leaving deep ruts. Construction crews leave building materials on grass, which kills it after a few days.

  • Higher standards of living require outside help to keep up with the Jones. Some of my customers are so worried about keeping up appearances that they spend a fortune on the front of their property, yet their backyard looks like an overgrown jungle. These same customers have huge homes that are practically empty inside because they ran out of money to buy furniture.

  • Growing Hispanic labor force in some parts of the country. Central American immigrants dominate the lawn and garden labor force. Most first generation immigrants come from rural areas and are already knowledgeable about agriculture.

  • People take their lawns very seriously. Just ask my two customers who called me on 9/11 complaining about weeds. When I asked if they saw on TV what was happening, one told me ‘one has nothing to do with the other.’ The other said she ‘couldn’t live like this’ (with weeds).

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