Liquid Fertilizer Equipment

Liquid fertilizer equipment comes in different sizes depending on how much ground you have to cover. I prefer applying liquid over granular because liquid is cheaper and absorbs into the soil faster. You can also combine fertilizer and pesticides in one application.
  1. Hand sprayer
    • Pros: Good for small areas.
    • Cons: Small capacity.

  2. Backpack sprayer
    • Pros: Versatile. Can be used to spray lawns, bushes, small trees. Puts weight on your back instead of your arms (hand sprayer). Good for about ½ acre. Holds less than 5 gallons.
    • Cons: Increases risk of exposure. If seals leak, it drips down your back.

  3. Boom sprayer
    • Pros: Can handle large areas quickly. Less risk of exposure. Distance between you and the sprayer.
    • Cons: Requires more mechanical knowledge. Can be more complicated to operate.

  4. Tank sprayer
    • Pros: Can handle large areas that require huge volumes of pesticides/ fertilizer. You can spray much higher--trees.
    • Cons: Heavy. Difficult to transport. Takes up a lot of storage space. Requires accurate estimates of how much is needed. It’s a pain to dispose of huge volumes of unused quantities.
Hand-sprayer Backpack-sprayer Boom-sprayer Tank-sprayer
Hand Sprayer Backpack Sprayer Boom Sprayer Tank Sprayer
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