Little Wonder Leaf Blower Review

The Little Wonder leaf blower was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Blowing Durability Handling Maintenance
  Power   & Balance & Ingenuity
Billy Goat A- B+ B+ B+
Fradan B+ A- A- A-
Little Wonder A- B+ B+ B+

Blowing Power: A-

This unit has a multi-fin fan that really puts out wind. Its split air shoot really concentrates the power where you need it.

Durability: B+

A tough unit with little problems. Handles have been cracked on some heavier units, which is understandable due to the push/pull force being exerted.

The motor choices of Honda or Subaru are both solid. Only weaknesses I’ve seen in motor options is the 13hp Hondas blowing head gaskets.

Handling & Balance: B+

Push blowers are heavy, so get ready for a workout, especially on hills. This unit has a huge fan putting out lots of power. The handles are adjustable, which is nice to accommodate different height operators.

Maintenance & Ingenuity: B+

A well thought out, relatively unchanged machine for some time. The split stream air deflector is a nice feature. It really concentrates air flow. The self propelled units are new to the market, so I’d wait until they prove their longevity, unless of course you have a great local dealer.

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