Maruyama Trimmer Review

The Maruyama trimmer was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
  Power Ratio     Start Money
Echo 230 & 260 B B+ B B- B
Kawasaki KGT27A A+ A B- B- A
Maruyama 22-26cc A B+ B B+ A
Redmax 22-26cc A A B+ A B+
Shindaiwa T231&261 B+ B+ B+ A B
Shindaiwa T242 B B+ A- B+ B+
Stihl FS80 B+ B B B+ B
Stihl FS100RX A B+ B B+ B
Stihl FS90R B+ B+ B+ B+ A

Maruyama offers several very similar string trimmer models from 22-26cc. Therefore, they will be rated together.

Weight to Power: A

Very lightweight and powerful, much like the Kawasaki.

Comfort: B+

Smooth and low vibration.

Durability: B

A tough unit, but not quite as heavy duty as Redmax or Stihl.

Ease of Start: B+

A simple, basic 2 stroke engine, that fires up easily.

Value for Money: A

A great overall value. It can be purchased for less than the other string trimmers above. It doesn't have as much widespread popularity as the other brands, which is the only reason it doesn't hold its resale value as much. A very underestimated unit.

Maruyama Trimmers on Ebay

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