Mower Sulky: Every Landscaper's Secret Weapon

A mower sulky enables a landscaper to mow some serious acreage without breaking a sweat or paying a fortune for a rider mower.

What is a Mower Sulky?

A sulky (aka velky) is an attachment for walk-behind mowers. It is a platform that allows the operator to ride rather than walk. There are both standing and sitting types.

Sulkies are a Favorite of Landscapers.

Although most walk-behinds are able to go 5-8 mph, they are never used at full speed because it requires the operator to jog behind it. Enter a sulky. An experienced sulky operator can operate a walk-behind at full speed all day with minimal fatigue. This valuable device can turn a walk-behind mower into a very productive machine comparable to a zero turn rider.

Types of Mower Sulkies (stander versions)

  1. One Wheel
    1. Pros: Better for a lighter operator (under 175 pounds). Very maneuverable. Light weight. Easy to remove and put on.
    2. Cons: Leaves a visible tire track in the middle of your stripe.

  2. Two Wheel
    1. Pros: More stable than the one-wheel. Better for heavier operators (over 175 lbs). The two wheels line up with the mower wheels, eliminating the tire track caused by one-wheel versions.
    2. Cons: Heavier to remove and put on. More parts to maintain: tires, bearings, bushings, etc.

  3. Slide type made by Proslide
    1. Pros: No flat tires. This version has no wheels. One slide (think of skiing) on a plastic platform. The mower stripe is more enhanced.
    2. Cons: More drag on the mower. Platforms wear out. Avoid traversing over asphalt or cement to avoid premature aging of the platform.

Each type has their loyal fans that swear by them. For the young, light, and athletic, I’d recommend the one wheeled Sulkies / Velkies. For the fat, beer drinking, sports fan, stick with the two wheeled or slide version.

And remember when you are first learning, hold on tight. It can be an exciting ride.

How much are they?

New ones cost between $200-400. But, you can usually get a pretty good deal through Ebay if you buy one used or a no-name brand.

Below are the sulkies currently listed for sale on Ebay. (If you aren't already a member of EBay, you need to go to the registration page before you can bid, buy, or sell anything.)

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