Redmax Backpack Blower Review (8001 Model)

The Redmax backpack blower was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
  Power Ratio     Start Money
Dolmar BP7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Echo 751 B B B+ B+ B+
Kawasaki 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Makita BBX 7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Maruyama 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Redmax EBZ8500 A B+ B A- A-
Redmax 8001 B+ B B+ B+ B+
Stihl 600 B+ A B+ B+ B+
Shindaiwa EB630 B+ B+ A A B+
Shindaiwa EB802 B+ B+ B+ A- B+
Shindaiwa EB8520 B+ B+ B B+ B

Weight to Power Ratio: B+

Currently the Redmax 8001 is the most powerful back pack blower on the market. The Shindaiwa 8520 runs a very close second. The only drawback is the weight at 25lbs. This machine can give you a workout. However, due to the Redmax’s power, the job will be finished much quicker than with a weaker blower. Therefore, the Redmax should spend less time on your back.

Comfort: B

At 25lbs, this machine is heavier than the other backpack blowers. So, its weight does hurt the comfort level.

Durability: B+

This Redmax backpack blower is a good solid unit. Don’t expect the 8001 to be as durable and trouble free as their predecessor, the 7001. They are still good, but not bulletproof.

Ease of Start: B+

The Redmax 8001 starts easily. Usually two pulls. It does take a minute or two to warm up as do all of Redmax’s strato-charged engines.

Value for Money: B+

Usually sells for $500-600 depending on location. It is about $50 more than other packpacks. However, you are getting a more powerful blower for your money.

Redmax Backpack Blowers on Ebay

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