Redmax EBZ8500 Backpack Blower Review

The Redmax EBZ8500 backpack blower was compared to other top brands in the following categories...

Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
  Power Ratio     Start Money
Dolmar BP7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Echo 751 B B B+ B+ B+
Kawasaki 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Makita BBX 7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Maruyama 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Redmax EBZ8500 A B+ B A- A-
Redmax 8001 B+ B B+ B+ B+
Stihl 600 B+ A B+ B+ B+
Shindaiwa EB630 B+ B+ A A B+
Shindaiwa EB802 B+ B+ B+ A- B+
Shindaiwa EB8520 B+ B+ B B+ B

Weight to Power Ratio: A

The Weight to Power Ratio on the 8500 is impressive. This unit is substantially more powerful than the 8001 and 8050's, yet lighter. At the moment, it is in a class by itself.

Comfort: B+

While well balanced with comfortable straps and a waist belt, this is still a heavy 75cc blower. One thing to keep in mind is the added power should equate to less time to finish the job.

Durability: B

The 8500 is brand new to the market and some have had issues, including complete motor failures. Supposedly, those issues have been addressed and corrected by Redmax. Good dealer support who will honor any warrantee work is a must with the EBZ 8500. This is not something to buy online to save $20 and risk not having dealer support.

Ease of Start: A-

The EBZ 8500 starts up very easily. Being a stratocharged engine, it does require a 15 to 30 second warm up before use.

Value for Money: A-

These can be purchased from $490-560, depending on your dealer. Its a great value for the money.

Redmax Backpack Blowers on Ebay

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