Scag Riding Mowers: Review of the V-Ride

The Scag riding mowers were compared to the other top standers in the following categories...

Stander Mower Cut Durability Handling Maintenance
  Quality   & Balance & Ingenuity
Exmark Vantage A B+ A- A+
Everride Scorpion B+ B+ B+ A
Great Dane Super Surfer B+ B+ B+ A
John Deere Quik-Trak A B+ B+ A
Scag V-Ride A A- B+ A-
Toro GrandStand A B+ A- A+
Wright Stander B+ A A B
Wright Stander X A A- A A-
Wright Stander ZK B+ A- A- A-

Cut: Rating A

Scag's Velocity Plus deck is among the best in the industry. Like the other Scag mowers reviewed, the finished cut is excellent and handles wet long grass exceptionally well.

Durability: Rating A-

This rating may bump up because the V-Ride has only been out a few years and has been holding up very well. Its proven deck, hydro, wheel motors, and compact layout make for a nice tough unit.

Handling and Balance: Rating B+

Great handling and very responsive. The only place I could see improvement needed is on hills. However, it is more than adequate. The wider the deck, the better the hillside stability.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating A-

Well thought out, comfortable, and durable unit. Spring loaded platform, adjustable operator cushion, lever to raise and lower the deck from operator platform are very helpful while working in real world conditions.

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