Shindaiwa EB8520 Blower Review

The Shindaiwa EB8520 blower was compared to other top brands in the following categories...


Brand Weight to Comfort Durability Ease of Value for
  Power Ratio     Start Money
Dolmar BP7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Echo 751 B B B+ B+ B+
Kawasaki 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Makita BBX 7600 B+ A B+ A- B+
Maruyama 59CC B+ B+ B+ A A
Redmax EBZ8500 A B+ B A- A-
Redmax 8001 B+ B B+ B+ B+
Stihl 600 B+ A B+ B+ B+
Shindaiwa EB630 B+ B+ A A B+
Shindaiwa EB802 B+ B+ B+ A- B+
Shindaiwa EB8520 B+ B+ B B+ B

This backpack blower is a 4-stroke backpack that uses 2-cycle fuel, much like Stihl’s 4-mix engine. They call it the C4 Engine.

Weight to Power Ratio: B+

At 25.5lbs, this is a very heavy blower. However, it is well balanced and puts out quite a bit of power.

Comfort: B+

Again, well balanced. Fits well on the back. It makes small work out of big jobs.

Durability: B

The EB8520 is the much improved version of the EB8510. The EB8510 needed a lot of improvements and Shindaiwa seems to have delivered. Time will tell who this new blower holds up.

Ease of Start: B+

Starts right up. Reminds me in many ways of the Stihl 4-mix.

Value for Money: B

They sell for around $550-$600, which is a decent price for a well made commercial blower. I would wait another year of so to see how they hold up in the field.

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