Starting My Own Lawn Mowing Business: Advice I Wish I Had Back Then

When I was starting my own lawn mowing business 15 years ago, I got some really bad advice. For example, don't take advice from landscapers in your area. They do not want your competition and will purposely steer you in the wrong direction.

Some landscaper "friends" in my area told me how to price jobs. I listened to them until I realized I wasn't getting any customers. Eventually, one customer I was giving an estimate to showed me estimates from the same landscapers that I was taking advice from. Their estimates were almost half the price that I was giving!

I had a really rough start those first years. I was given horrible advice about what equipment and trucks to buy. They were broken down more than I care to remember.

I received no advice about keeping records. I didn't bill on a regular basis and would lose track of who owed me money. I was even audited by the IRS!

Back then, there was no Internet, lawn forums, or "How to Start a Lawn Care Business" books. Now, I will read anything I can get my hands on to continually build and improve my business.

I wish the e-book, Turn High Grass into Cold Cash, had existed when I was first starting my own lawn mowing business. It is a clear and concise start-up guide that I recommend to friends and family who are starting out.

The book does an excellent great job of describing the types of equipment you need. It tells you what things to look for when buying a used walk-behind mower. I used to get stuck buying garbage because I didn't know what to look for.

The equipment maintenance section really hit home for me because I used to throw away money on repairs that easily could have been avoided with the proper maintenance...

Just last year, I had to throw out a few fertilizer spreaders because my workers didn't clean out the spreader at the end of the day. (The book reminds you how fertilizers are extremely corrosive and can damage the hopper.)

I like how the book comes with tons of free forms and letters. There are sample flyers, classified ads, past due letters, a lawn maintenance agreement, income and expense logs, etc.

Turn High Grass into Cold Cash provides 57 pages of useful information. It makes for quick reading, which is good because I hate books that read like encyclopedias.

If you buy one lawn business book this year, make it this one. It will be $37 dollars well spent.

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