Toro GrandStand Mower Review

The Toro GrandStand mower was compared to the other top standers in the following categories...

Stander Mower Cut Durability Handling Maintenance
  Quality   & Balance & Ingenuity
Exmark Vantage A B+ A- A+
Everride Scorpion B+ B+ B+ A
Great Dane Super Surfer B+ B+ B+ A
John Deere Quik-Trak A B+ B+ A
Scag V-Ride A A- B+ A-
Toro GrandStand A B+ A- A+
Wright Stander B+ A A B
Wright Stander X A A- A A-
Wright Stander ZK B+ A- A- A-

Toro is Exmark’s parent company. Since the Toro GrandStand and Exmark Vantage are very similar, they will receive the same review.

Cut: Rating A

Toro GrandStand and Exmark Vantage both have an excellent cut. The Ultracut deck on the Vantage and the Turbo Force deck on the GrandStand both leave an amazing clean cut. The GrandStand now offers a 60” deck, which is very efficient for larger properties.

Durability: Rating B+

Both machines are very well thought out. With only a short time on the market, they look very tough.

Handling and Balance: Rating A-

These handle very well. Nimble and responsive. On the Toro GrandStand and Exmark Vantage, the operator is situated behind the drive wheels. On the Wright stander, the operator is centered in the middle of the drive wheels. The Deere and Danes put the operator slightly in front of the rear wheel center point.

I like the Wright’s handling slightly more than the Grandstand and Vantage. However, the Toro and Exmark handle much better than the Dane’s and Deere’s standers.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating A+

Maintenance is minimal. The deck height is adjustable from the operator platform. These units also allow the operator platform to be flipped up to be used as a walk behind. Toro and Exmark really listened to consumers on this one. Wright now has a legitimate challenger in the Stand-on market.

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