Walker Lawn Mower Review

The Walker lawn mower was compared to other zero turn riders in the following categories...

Rider Mower Cut Durability Handling Available Maintenance
      & Balance Accessories & Ingenuity
Bad Boy Outlaw B+ A- B+ A B+
Bobcat Predator Pro B+ B+ B+ B A
Dixie Chopper A- B+ B A B
Exmark Lazer Z B+ B+ A- A B+
Exmark Next Lazer Z A B+ A A A-
Ferris ZTR A- B+ A B+ A
Gravely Pro-Ride B+ B+ B+ B B
Gravely Pro-Turn A- A- B+ B+ B+
Hustler SuperZ A- A- A- B+ A
John Deere ZTR A B+ B+ B B+
Lesco/Cub Cadet B B+ B B- B
Scag Cheetah A A- A- A A-
Scag Turf Tiger A A B A B+
Scag Wildcat A A B A B+
Walker ZTR A B B+ A B

The Walker mower is used for collecting grass clippings and lawn debris. However, the decks can be swapped out for side discharge decks. But, these side discharge decks are costly. A positive point is that there are several deck sizes available.

Cut: Rating A

With the GHS (Grass Handling System), the Walker leaves an excellent cut. Very clean and manicured.

Durability: Rating B

While this is a well built machine, it does have more moving parts that operate the collection system. Therefore, I recommend this machine for experienced operators.

If your employees are rough on equipment, I would not recommend the Walker.

Handling and Balance: Rating B+

This is a bit longer than mid-mount ZTRs, which makes maneuvering in tight places more difficult. However, once one gets a feel for operating this machine, it becomes very second nature.

Available Accessories: Rating A

There is a wide variety of accessories from snow blowers to aerators to dethatchers. I especially like the Perforator aerator. Kudos to Bob Walker.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating B

The Walker lawn mowers are very well thought out. They keep making improvements. However, maintenance is something that has to be done regularly. It has more grease points than your average ZTR.

For an owner operator, I really like this machine. For a company with multiple crews, I would recommend a regular mid-mount ZTR, unless of course your employees are well trained and careful with equipment.

Walker ZTR Mowers on Ebay

Here are the Walker zero turn mowers that are currently listed for sale on Ebay. I’ve found some great deals there. And I've sold a ton of old equipment through it.

If you aren't already a member of eBay, you need to go to the registration page before you can bid, buy, or sell anything.

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