Why Buy a Wide Cut Walk Behind Lawn Mower?

Wide cut walk behind lawn mowers are the choice of landscapers for several reasons.

1. Better stripes.

Since the stripes are so wide, you have more leeway to overlap. The stripes still look perfect even when you don’t exactly walk straight. Landscapers prefer wider stripes because it gives lawns that sharp manicured look. On the other hand, when a lawn is cut with a smaller mower, crooked lines and inconsistent overlaps become obvious. Narrow lawn cuts just look sloppy.

2. Finish work faster.

The wider the cut, the more ground you cover in one stripe. It’s fun cutting lawns, but saving time is a major plus.

3. Truly a self-propelled drive system.

It can pull an operator on a sulky (skateboard like attachment that operator stands on).

4. Ideal for flatter ground.

However, it does NOT make sense to use a wide cut walk behind lawn mower if there are small, tight areas to mow, narrow gates to pass through, or uneven ground. A bumpy ground increases the risk of scalping the lawn. All landscapers hold onto one smaller mower just those situations.

Most landscapers use 48” or 52” wide mowers for properties under an acre. I’ve noticed that those extra inches make such an improvement to productivity and curb appeal, that I’ve switched all but one mower to 60”.

As a general guideline, use the following width mowers for these size properties.

  • Under an acre - 48” or 52”
  • Over an acre - 60”
  • Over 2 acres - 72”

What is even smarter than buying a wide cut walk behind lawn mower is buying a wide cut ride-on mower.

How Much?

The website www.UsedLawnMowers.net will give you an idea of what it will cost to buy a used one. I like how this website breaks the mowers down by width.

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