Wright Lawn Mowers: Review of the Stander X

The Wright lawn mowers were compared to the other top standers in the following categories...

Stander Mower Cut Durability Handling Maintenance
  Quality   & Balance & Ingenuity
Exmark Vantage A B+ A- A+
Everride Scorpion B+ B+ B+ A
Great Dane Super Surfer B+ B+ B+ A
John Deere Quik-Trak A B+ B+ A
Scag V-Ride A A- B+ A-
Toro GrandStand A B+ A- A+
Wright Stander B+ A A B
Wright Stander X A A- A A-
Wright Stander ZK B+ A- A- A-

Cut: Rating A

Wright's new Aero Core deck is a big improvement over its previous deck. A very compact platform with exceptional vacuum. This deck really shines on manicured turf.

Durability: Rating A-

With its floating deck and rapid height adjustment, this unit has more moving parts than fixed deck models. However, it is well built and a very tough unit.

Handling and Balance: Rating A

A really nice maneuverable, tight unit. Slightly better on hills than the Vantage, Grandstand, or V-Ride. A nice alternative to sitting all day, especially if sitting leads to a stiff back for you.

Maintenance and Ingenuity: Rating A-

A very versatile, compact, and productive machine. This Aero Core deck and adjustable cutting platform has given Wright a real winner. The engineering, planning, and layout of this mower is truly impressive.

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