Bobcat Fastcat Pro 61" deck Commercial Mower Review

by B W

Well where do I begin? Purchased a dealer demo machine w/ 99.0 hours on it and some warranty left spring of 2016, not for commercial use for my residence only.

First issue that arose was oil was found to be leaking at filter adapter to engine block.

Second item, eye bolt that held spring for blade belt tension idler snapped off at jam nut causing damage to blade belt (Purchased forged eye bolt and installed myself so as to verify longevity of use).

Third item,was pin for deck adjustment height, the ball and spring fell out. Drilled hole through pin and installed,hitch clip pin to prevent pin from migrating out.

Fourth item is have had multiple issues w/ throttle cable binding,hanging up,and just poor quality of installation.

Machine now has 132 hours. Have not taken advantage of remaining warranty, because I feel that inferior hardware /products would be used again on the machine, and takes time to get machine to dealer,order parts, wait to receive them,install them. Meanwhile grass did not stop growing because my mower broke .

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