Dixie Chopper 2014 Classic 2760 Mower Review

by Bill E

Very fast, smooth cutting of up to 10" grass. Produces smooth even cutting with no scalping even in wet conditions. Will chew up branches up to 1" and have mowed 10 acres of 2' to 4' grass and 5 acres of 1' to 2' grass. All done without bagging.

Results were fair to good on evenness, but excellent on overall brushwacking. After second cut, the results look good to better. After third cut, beginning to look excellent. Bagging would have eliminated the problem, but I don't have 2K to throw around for not having gotten the mower until a month into the season. Next year I'll start earlier.

The ride is bouncy and I'm considering the spring forks to smooth it out. The 27 HP Generac works well, but in serious high grass 33+ HP would be much better.

There is no manual for the oil change or blade replacement???

Ya think for 8K they could actually give an instruction manual that made sense? I do.

Built well and sturdy.

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