Dixie Chopper 50" Magnum, 2012 Model - Mower Review

by Bry Martin
(Perry,Fl. )

I have had the worst experience with my chopper anyone could ever have. From day one, you couldn't mow twice in a row without it going dead and then having to haul it to the shop.

This is the third year I've had this machine and they finally had to send the machine down to Ocala, Fl. to find out it was a $2.00 fuse.

Now I've been able to mow four or five times but now it's back in the shop with another problem. The shop I bought it from has been very helpful trying to fix it but really didn't have the experience of knowledgeable folks.

I really blame the area Rep. For this area of North Central Florida, he could have been more proactive in trying to get this machine fixed, I actually had to call the main office and talk to the mechanic there and he's the one that got the machine taken to Ocala for repairs. The factory Rep. has never once called and apologized for all the repairs that we're having done to the machine, all the times it had to be loaded and taken to the shop.

I think a company as large as Dixie chopper could have replaced the machine after the first two years. But I haven't heard anything from them either.

Now this year, the machine is still in the shop as it was the second week I owned it. At this time I would not recommend Dixie Chopper mowers to anyone!!! If anyone from Dixie chopper read this I sure would like to hear from you.

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