Dixie Chopper Classic 3360hp 2014

by Ken
(Central FL)

I own a 15 acre horse ranch. I live in FL so my grass is green 12 months a year and the summer months is the grow periods. For years I mowed the pastures with a full size tractor pulling a 6 foot finish mower and for around the barn and house I used my Sears riding lawn mower. It would take hours to complete the mowing and something was always broken.

A friend of mine borrowed my 4 wheeler and because his Dixie Chopper was already on his trailer he just left it with me so I could use. From that day forward I was a believer!

Comparing my riding mower to the Dixie Chopper was like comparing an airplane to the space shuttle! There was no comparison.

I finally went to my Dixie Chopper dealer and purchased the Classic 3360hp. The power, craftsmanship, ease of operation, performance and warranty sold me. This is by far the best piece of equipment that I have ever owned! It cut my mowing time down by 70% easy.

I strongly encourage anybody that mows to purchase a Dixie Chopper.

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