Dixie Chopper Classic 3360HP Mower Review

by Jerold Ketron
( SParta, Kentucky, USA)

As a farm owner, before I purchased this mower, (Dixie Chopper Classic 3360HP), my mowing time used to average around 6 to 7 hours on a Craftsman 42 inch hydrostatic riding mower, if I completely mowed the entire yard, approx. 4.5 acres.

After purchasing the Dixie Chopper Classic, it now takes me less than 42 minutes total time to mow the entire yard. I am finished before I really get my mind set to mow, which still amazes me each time I mow.

I have often wondered about all the hours I wasted while mowing and what other projects I could have completed. I should have purchased one of these years ago when I purchased the farm.

This machine is a Bear when it comes to cutting grass and uses less gasoline to complete mowing than it did with the Craftsman mower.

I would highly recommend any model of Dixie Chopper mowers if you want ease of mowing and a superior job after completion of mowing. No one will be disappointed.

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May 07, 2017
My thoughts after several years use NEW
by: Jerold Ketron

To answer the question to my original post: The mower is 4 yrs old now and it still amazes me whenever I use it in it's dependability. Never has it failed to start never any issues with it in anything you can think of. I still rate it at 5 stars and would rate it higher if they had the option, they may be a bit pricy but well worth the money spent. Being 4 years old I have had to sharpen the blades only one time and then that was not due to the quality, I was mowing tall grass and hit an unseen rock that had been pushed up higher over this past winter due to frost heaving. The cut grass up to the time of me hitting the rock, had never shown any signs of the grass being "whipped" off, which causes the tips of grass to yellow due to having jagged tips. If and when I decide to purchase another, you can be assured it will be another Dixie Chopper Classic that has the Generac Engine as this one has

Aug 04, 2015
mowing NEW
by: Anonymous

how is the Dixie classic 3360 doing over all after you have had it for a great deal of time

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