Dixie Chopper Classic Mower (a crime to call it a classic)

by Mr. M
(New York)

I have used Dixie Coatsville Classics for years. This year I wanted to trade my old classic for a new classic. When I went to the dealer, I asked where the classics were. He pointed to the lot and what I saw surprised me.

The classic is not a classic any more. The sticker says classic but it is no classic. It's more money (a grand more than last year) and built very cheaply. The floor pan that is stainless on mine is now cheap metal. The brand new machines on the dealers lot were already rusting. The decks are not heavy any more and suspended with cheap hardware store L bolts. The chute on the discharge is now run by a skinny little cable and it gets stuck easy on this new machine. Looks like they painted with a very fast mist coat just enough to color it. There is a cheap wrinkle paint finish that is rough and decals look like they are even cheapened. Needless to say I will not be buying a new classic.

When I got my first Dixie, it was the king of the hill. I guess they now want to build a MTD and charge as if it's still a quality mower. I will run it for the year and go see what else is out there.

I rode a Gravely, a Hustler and an Exmark. They seem to be good too.

I hope Dixie doesn't ruin their good American name by building junk.

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Dec 14, 2012
Buyers Beware NEW
by: Dixie let me down BIG TIME!!

Dixie Chopper let me down BIG TIME. Last year I waited 4 months for a dealer to get parts. The main part I needed was a wheel motor for my Silver Eagle. I took my machine in to dealer in February. Dealer would never call every time I called to check they said parts were on back order and when they called factory they didn't even know when parts would come. Dealer had several machines on the floor with the part I need and wouldn't take part off new machine to get me running. It wasn't so bad off season but when my business turned on I was without a mower. They tried to sell me a new machine for a supposedly a good deal. WTF! why would I buy another one when the manufacturer cant afford to supply major parts to their dealers. one of my friends said they didn't even have blades available he had to buy after market ones. I was very happy with the performance of my mower but now I am afraid to own one because I could go out of business waiting to get repairs. After looking at every brand in my area and feeling out the dealers I ended up investing in a brand new SCAG TIGER CAT WITH THE VELOCITY PLUS DECK.... WOW I NEVER IMAGINED HOW MUCH BETTER A SCAG COULD BE dealer is awesome the V deck is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! If you look close at a SCAG you will see the amount of quality in every aspect and the machine operates flawlessly. Its like the BMW of mowers. The deck just sprays grass out the discharge. I know lots of people will differ in opinions but my bet is they never ran a new SCAG. Scag also only sets up high quality dealers. Dont even waste your time looking at all the brands just do the research and buy the SCAG that fits your needs you will be as HAPPY as me. SCAG is the finest machine out there. I wanted a Turf Tiger but because I lost half the value from my Dixie I couldn't justify the extra expense. after a few years I will own a Tiger or maybe a Cheetah.
Stay away from DIXIE great mower but absolutely horrible service. Scag is passionate about the entire customer experience.

Jul 31, 2012
Dixie Classic T NEW
by: Jacks Lawn Cutters

I planned to replace 3 old Dixies this Spring. I went to the dealer and when the sales guy began his sales pitch he wasnt even aware Dixie cheapened the Classic model. He stopped mid sales pitch and went in to owners office to see if he had new literature (didnt have). They called the company to get information about the the new machines. Needless to say I would not go near it just because if the dealer didnt even know about the change it kinda says to me Dixie cheapened it and didnt tell dealers.
Everything Mr. M said is true. Why they just didnt make the classic extinct and come out with a new model is beyond me. There is nothing Classic about the new Classic. Dixie has been known for their heavy duty mowers. The new Classic looks just like their entry level commercial mower only $5000 more. Deck looks like crap little j bolts hold it on. I bought new SCAGs and love them. I have been wanting to try something different for years but just kept with Dixie because I liked the durability and didnt have any real complaints. Dixie gave me a good reason to run out and try something else. I have no regrets. The Scag does well in wet and holds hills. After I bought the Scags the dealer called me and said he could get me old left over Classic moldels if I wanted. I said thanks but no thanks why would I want one if they are discontinued. They will probably stop making parts soon. WHAT A SHAME THAT THIS AMERICAN COMPANY HAS TO CHEAPEN THEMSELVES. It will probably be their undoing. I loved what Dixie stood for. They need to wake up before they are gone.

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