Dixie Chopper Magnum HP 2014

by Mario Montes
(Alachua, Florida)

Let me take a deep breath. This mower is awesome...when it works.

I bought one in the off season. I got a good deal. Mowed a little at the end of the season. No problems.

I planted some rye grass. When it was ready to be mowed, my mower cranked up just fine, but as I tried to operate it (it has less than 7 hours on it), it shut off. Tried it just 5 minutes ago. Warm day here in north Florida. Peaked around 71. It has been in my car port with a cover over it.

The dealer that sold it to me is really good. They delivered, and when I reported the problem the first time, they came out. Of course, it worked then. They recommended using a cover. Most mower covers won't fit it, so I bought a small car cover for it. The rye grass is tall and it needs mowing.

This mower starts, but as soon as I press down on the park lever, it shuts off. Yes, I'm sitting on it. I checked the seat switch with a multi meter. It works just fine.

I am frustrated. I need to get a bigger trailer so I can winch this beast onto it and take it to the dealer.

I so much wanted to like this mower...

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