Dixie Chopper Mower Review

(New York)

Have had Dixie Chopper for 15 years, and made a switch to another brand. They are just not the machine they use to be. At one time there was not a machine on the market that you could compare it to. They were dependable, never had a problem with spindles, hdy pumps, wheel motors.

However, now you can not keep a wheel motor, or pump on it for even 2 years. You can not even keep wheel bearings in the front wheels because they took 2 out to save money. They use to have a double air cleaner system, also a double cooling system for the Hdy System, not no more boys! They use to have a large hydraulic system to keep everything cool, not no more. They use to have a wide wheel base for climbing hills, not no more! Hell, you can't even keep rear tire on the machine without blowing out the side walls. This is just a few of the problems of a Dixie Chopper that we know of today and not the past.

Parts are another problem. Must be their new CEO does not believe in parts inventory. It's a good thing we HAD so many machines that we could rob parts from to keep going.

Being in the lawn mowing business for a while, we all accumulate equipment. We have new trailers and old. We use mostly 72" cut machines. Try to put a 74" cut machine on one of your old trailers, just does not work. Why would I try to do that? Because some idiot decided to drop the 72" cut machine and go with a 74". It was an easy decision to switch brands, to a brand that makes 72" cut machines.

So with all the new changes made by their new CEO just cost them another customer !!! I am just one of the many. I suggest you get rid of the new CEO before it's too late.

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