Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle 2550 Kohler engine

by Dave
(Belleville MI)

Bought the mower last summer for $6500 and it is unbelievable. I have a bit over 2 acres and I can cut it in a little over an hour. It would go quicker, but I have many trees to go around. The machine is fast, cuts great, and runs like a top. My neighbor is upset because when we mow, he is on his tractor for over 3 hours!

It's a plain, no frills machine that gets the job done and with regular maintenance should last me forever.

The only issue is that the hydraulic reservior weeps at the cap, but that could be because the terrain is not super flat and the machine bounces a bit in some areas of the lawn.

I chose the Silver Eagle because it is the entry level commercial machine, which for a homeowner, is more than enough mower.

Now that we have the Dixie, my wife cuts the lawn religiously because she loves the fun of driving the Chopper. I can hardly get to use my Dixie - oh well!


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