Dixie Chopper/Classic 3360W/2012 Mower Review

by Brent
(Palm City, FL USA)

Bought a brand new Dixie classic 3360W in 2012. Loved it until engine blew at 201 hrs. I changed oil religiously with lucas oil just as the manual suggested.

While mowing, engine started rattling bad. Thought maybe valves needed adjustment but doubted that since I heard rattle which sounded like an internal problem maybe a wrist pin or something like that. Waited for engine to cool down because generac manual said to do valve adjustment with engine at room temp.

Let sit overnight and next morning attempted to remove valve covers, had one bolt on each one not wanting to back out. With all bolts on and torqued correctly started motor to warm engine to see if the normal heat of engine would let block expand enough to allow removal. I figured running it for 2 minutes should be enough. After 1 minute motor shut down, and wouldn't start. I removed spark plugs to see if I could turn engine over with my hand to see if it seized. 1st plug came out like normal, cracked it loose an removed with my fingers. 2nd plug I had to wrench all the way out, and said to myself, this ain't good. Plug was chewed up, piston let loose drove into it. Took valve covers off for shits and giggles, they were spot on.

Apparently the governor assembly must have been the start of it causing internal failure. Warranty at this point only covers parts but not labor.

I'll be damned to have a $1000 or $1200 labor bill to fix a motor with a design flaw. Just bought a Vanguard 36hp for a replacement from small engine warehouse for $2050 with muffler.

I will never buy a dixie chopper again. Textron owns dixie now, I will be buying different brand for my fleet.

I own 6 dixie mowers, 4 with kohlers, 1 with vanguard and 1 with blown generac. The generac was my personal mower used on my 5 acre farm.

SPARTAN is brand I'm switching to. Made by original owners of badboy, now make intimidator utvs and new mahindra utvs and now Spartan mowers.

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