EverRide Mower Review: Model ZKW2352

by Lee Stensaker
(Knoxville TN)

First the good news, this mower is made of heavy ga. metal and is very rugged. The 25 hp Kowasaki and pumps work to perfection. In short, this mower does everything the mfg. says it will do.

Now for some not so good things. It is known, in general, that zero turns cannot traverse hillsides of any appreciable slope and that the drive wheels generally tear up the lawn on tight turns. This model, being relatively heavy, also bogs down easily on soft ground requiring a tow. And of course, having no suspension, it jars your teeth out on rough ground.

The front pneumatic wheels will not hold air and I had to finally refill mine with a solid gel. There should also be a plate in front as well to accommodate a trailer ball so one could more easily see when juggling boats, log splitters, trailers, etc.

However, the most serious design flaw is in the vulnerability of the undercarriage. There is no skid plate, exposing the belts and clutch to ground hazards. My Main blade belt got twisted and ruined when a tiny wood chip lodged in the rear pulley 'V'. Later a small twig reared up and ripped out the clutch wires, stripping the insulation that caused a short and blew the only well hidden fuse that required a screwdriver to get to.

In short, this is a great mower if you have a flat, dry pristine lawn, but never if you have anything that looks like the normal field.


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