Exmark 48" Viking 2003 Mower Review

by Mike
(New Milford, CT)

I have used this machine in my lawn business and will say that in terms of reliability it cannot be beat.

It has approximately 2700 hours on it and other than losing an idler pulley bearing or two during its life it has been great.

The original 15 horsepower Kawasaki engine burned a valve at 2500 hours and has been replaced but all of the original hydraulic parts are still in use.

In the first five years of its life, the mower was a primary machine and since is only used in areas where we can't fit one of our exmark riders.

I have grown my business to the point where we have two 60" lazer z's and one 52" hp ztr's--All Exmarks.

My experience with every Exmark I have owned is the same: excellent reliability, superior cut (compared to the scags, slightly better than the bobcat and bunton I used).

We run these machines every day and while we maintain them properly break downs don't happen until the machine is 5 years old at least.

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