Exmark lazer z with red technology. 2015 34 hp kohler. Mower Review

by Tom
(Rocky hill, ct usa)

What a piece of crap! Sucks fuel like no other mower ever did. Oh it has 3 engine speeds...for driving down the road and one super speed for mowing.

Grass is barely growing and engine is screaming with no way to slow it down.

I go through 12 gal a gas in a bit over a day as compared to a week with other mower.

Whoever decided that you need 34 hp to mow a lawn is on crack.

My truck uses less fuel than this piece of crap does.

My fuel cost are now skyrocketing and i have stopped using the mower with only 29 hours on it.

Can't afford to run it anymore.

For sale, very bad choice to buy this mower. Exmark says it is very fuel efficient...yeah for a funny car but not for a lawn mower.

My mechanic says if it ever breaks down you will spend an arm and a leg to repair it maybe that's why there is a recall on speed switch. You need a computer to,figure out the computer.

Super over engineered. Stupidest decision i ever made was to buy this mower.

I highly recommend not buy this unless you like to throw money away.

I have been in business for 33 years and owned many different mowers. This is the worst!

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