Exmark QST24BE522 2008 Mower Review

by Charles
(Tifton, Georgia USA)

Very dissatisfied with blade spindle quality. Replaced SEVERAL. Replaced blade belt twice. I had to drive 42 miles to get the first one.

Residential warranty went out very fast due to hours ran.

Overall performance was great. (was) The engine went out last week. I was mowing and all of sudden it sound like the muffler fell off. I shut down immediately. The Exmark repairman tore apart the engine and told me today the piston rod broke and damaged the piston and cylinder wall. The price(his words) "to patch the engine" would be $300, with NO guarantees that it won't smoke, knock, use oil etc. NO WARRANTY.

The Dealer Price for a new engine and installation labor will be $1800. Only a 1 year warranty. Just NOT gonna happen. My bill to break down and give an estimate $60. I found a new engine on line from B&S for $700 with 2 year warranty.

All in all, I am satisfied with the mower, but can not pay the price the dealer charges for repairs.

For a residential use only, I would rate this mower very acceptable.

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